A space to explore contemporary art in the abandoned buildings of Bansko, Bulgaria.

Bansko is a ski resort at the foot of the Pirin mountain range in Bulgaria. Due to the low cost of living and a vibrant community from around the world, it also is on the rise to become one of the major digital nomad hubs in Europe.

During the real estate bubble in 2008, the town suffered from an economic crisis. This resulted in many unfinished hotels and abandoned buildings in and around Bansko. Many of them are located in beautiful landscapes with great views.

Abandoned buildings are often considered a problem. They destroy the scenery with their eerie appearance and are a symbol of broken dreams and failed endeavors. However, what seems like a problem from one perspective can become an opportunity when viewing things from a different angle. The great thing about abandoned buildings is that they are free from the economic system. In the context of art, this provides a great opportunity — plenty of space at zero cost. Unlike Galleries, which pay high rents in the global art hubs, abandoned buildings provide free space without the economic pressure. Artists can use this space to exhibit their works and experiment with an alternative surroundings.

MoAA is an online platform to show contemporary art exhibited in or involving the abandoned buildings of Bansko, Bulgaria.

MoAA is founded and curated by Shang Heitz.